About Us

Who is Ustad ?

Ustad is an experienced and highly skilled person – literally. In our case Ustad is our top chefs who have created a menu using all the recipes that they and their Ustad’s have mastered over the last three decades.

Our Philosophy

No base kitchens, no pre-cooked meals and no outsourced food. Freshly prepared dishes delivered directly from our kitchen.

Conscious Thinking

Ustad is constantly striving to use biodegradable packaging. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding making Ustad more eco-friendly please write to us at ourfuture@ustad.co.in

Veeranwali Foundation

Ustad supports Veeranwali Foundation. One percent of all our sale proceeds goes towards helping underprivileged children through their Project Nanhi Jaan. To know more about all the good work they do log on to www.nanhijaan.in

  • Second Floor, Building No 3, Shri Ram Complex, C Block, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon HR